What is an asset management system?

An Asset Management System is the process companies use to keep track of the equipment and inventory required for the operation of their businesses. A proper asset management system (asset program) makes the organisation aware of the assets (resources) they own and keep track of them.

Why does my company need this?

Proper asset tracking and an appropriate fixed asset list can save companies a lot of money and time. Don’t misuse your company’s time and money on forgotten items, broken or lost equipment, human error, hours spent searching for items that have mysteriously disappeared, inaccurate information needed for accounting and compliance or customer dissatisfaction.
Rather… don’t miss any items, know when equipment is damaged and need maintenance and/or repairs, avoid human error, know what you need and where to find it, accurate exact information available for accounting and compliance, customer satisfaction and success.
Data from the asset record can ensure that asset recovery will lead to better returns. You’ll have more time and money available to grow your business.

How do we manage the company’s assets?

Companies can manage these resources in variable ways. The asset registry will have detail on the location of the assets, how they are used, and if or when changes were made to them. Company assets can be managed from different locations accurately and effectively. Asset management allows a company to understand the potential of its assets, and how they can be operated in the most effective manner. Companies need a more effective means to track their vital inventory. This is now achievable with a simple, powerful, completely customisable asset management system. Mobile technology and the cloud provide a superior way to track your assets, and even ensure asset recovery is automatically reflected in the asset file! AssetZure offers this painless to use platform.

How does it work?

All that’s needed to track your inventory in real time, 24 hours a day, is the mobile device you already carry, with AssetZure’s Android and iOS apps that sync with the cloud. You have access to such data as log-in/log out, maintenance and repair schedules, move, archive and history. Pinpoint an asset’s location within seconds, who has it and in what condition. A build-in barcode scanner eliminates the need to purchase additional equipment that requires maintenance and replacement. AssetZure entitles you to an unlimited number of users. This tool is completely customizable, enabling you to create your own fields, labels, notifications, actions, electronic signatures and reports. You can even link your work orders to assets logged into the AssetZure tool. Pull up, review and share the information needed by your accounting and compliance team, with the assurance that your data is accurate and up to date. The entire lifecycle of each one of your key assets is as touching as your hand.


The most powerful userfriendly system currently available.
90 day trial to test AssetZure’s app for your company, absolutely free!
Feel free to contact our helpful staff for assistance whenever you feel challenged while updating your asset register on the mobile app.


Asset tracking Mobile Apple App

Asset tracking Android app
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